Video Reviews

Below you can find a few video reviews sent in from some of our previous candidates...

Orlee Rodriguez, 34

Orlee was one of our candidates that came from abroad having worked in accounting back in Spain, before then moving to the UK to progress through her accountancy career further. She didn't want to get into accounting straightaway as she wanted to improve on her English first so she initially just got a retail job.

After her English had improved, she started applying for accountancy roles to finally start her career however she came across the stumbling block every person trying to start a career in accounting in the UK comes across; she had no UK work experience. After months of trying to get into an accounting role, she eventually found us and is currently going through our program now to gain that accountancy work experience.

Courtney Trossart, 25

Courtney had freshly graduated out of university with a degree in Accounting and Finance. As she scored very highly, her university sponsored her to go through our program to give her career a kickstart.

The difference between studying accountancy at university and our Employment Placement Programme is that university is generally more theory, whereas our program is more practical. Hence why we have some partnerships with various universities to allow their best students to go through our program to allow these candidates to put everything they've learnt into practice.

Courtney is still going though our program now, and once over, we'll starting looking to get her started in her accountancy career.

Lynette Faith, 39

Lynette owns an accountancy firm that we're partners with and recently recruited one of our candidates fresh off the program. Beforehand, she had only taken the more experienced candidates on our books as she was a bit skeptical.

2 months later after having taken on one of our very own, Lynette was more than impressed with the candidate and the knowledge and experience our Employment Placement Programme had given her, and is looking to take on another candidate soon!


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