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Through our service and assistance, we can give your organisation access to a large pool of enthusiastic entry level accountants who are eager to launch their careers in the field of accounting. We have a steady supply of candidates whom we personally train in sector-related subjects and assist in building their experience through our very own Employment Placement Program. Once they have completed the said program, we then connect them with organisations like yours so they can immediately start employment.

Allow us to recruit entry-level candidates that your organisation needs. We are confident with the calibre of our candidates, that we won't charge you any fee for the first 6 months of their employment. In the event that they decide to leave and find new employment, we wil take care of finding replacements who have the relevant skills and experience that can contribute to the efficiency and growth of your organisation.

  • Access to a pool of high calibre entry level accountants, with experience doing a broad range of accounting tasks

  • No recruitment fees for the first 6 months of candidate's employment. We will provide assistance to recruit the right candidate for your vacant position.

  • New accountants will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm on the table, whilst adapting to your organisation's culture, process, and policies.

  • Improve workforce efficiency and productivity. 76% of employers reported that having entry level accountants in their teams have significantly increased their workforce productivity, motivation, and morale.

  • Provide leadership and management opportunities to other employees and enable them to focus on more strategic functions, which should help enhance your organisation's bottom line.

  • High calibre entry-level candidates usually deliver a high return on investment 

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Accounting Placements Ltd  (Company Number 12770324) is dedicated to introducing highly skilled new graduates and talents into the UK job market. We are a unique and experienced company, covering all levels of recruitment and skills development for Accounting. We tap into our expertise, background, and network to help candidates, especially those without prior work experience, to get rolling on a successful job search.

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