Frequently Asked Questions

How does the E.P.P work?

Our Employment Placement Programme is a specialised 3 months mentorship programme, designed specifically for anybody trying to break into the accountancy field that's working or studying full time.  What makes us different is that the programme is designed to be done remotely and flexibly, to ensure you can still have a full time job or be studying full time, while gaining that accountancy experience and training as you are able to fit this programme around your working/studying hours and do your training at a time that suits you best, whether that be at 1PM during the day, 2AM at night or even on the weekends . You will be taught by an industry leading professional, actively working in the field for one of our partner accountancy firms to ensure you receive quality training. And all you need to do the programme is a laptop and an internet connection.

How will the tasks be set?

During the programme, you will be in direct with the senior accountant mentoring you via email and they will take you through 3 levels of accountancy; beginner, intermediate and advanced, which is in place to ensure candidates are not thrown straight into the deep end, to ensure your mentor does hold your hand every step of the way so you can understand tasks from a basic level before then progressing onto the more practical work, reminiscent of the workplace to prepare you for your career in accounting. For a typical task, usually you'd be sent over all the templates for you to do the work, the raw data and guidelines for you to attempt the task at hand, before than sending it back to your mentor to ensure you have done the task correctly, in which they'll provide the necessary feedback to ensure you know either where you went wrong or what you did right, and building from there to ensure once in the workplace, you know exactly what you're doing regardless of what accountancy tasks you may end up being responsible for.

What happens when my mentorship is over?

By the end of your 3 month mentorship, you should be adequately equipped to start your accountancy career as you will be able to do all the necessary tasks required including tasks such accounts payables, accounts receivables, preparing the general ledger, bank reconciliations, breakeven analysis and so on. Our team of CV analysts will then update your CV professionally, with your new title 'Trainee Account Assistant' at the firm you worked with, as well as all the tasks you did do and your Sage 50 Levels 1, 2 and 3 and Xero certifications. Granted you have done well on the program, you will also receive a Professional Letter of Recommendation on top of your Certificate of Completion before we then start sending out your applications. We work with over 300 firms nationwide, so we'd cherry pick the firms in your immediate area to send your applications to and all applications through us will also be sent with your Professional Letter of Recommendation and your mentor will also be your referee and provide you with professional referencing for the roles we apply you for, but also any roles you apply for too!

What is the success rate of the E.P.P? 

We boast a success rate of just over 96% of our candidates having successfully started their careers after completing the program. As a result of this, we do have a lot of applications and only have a limited amount of spaces per programme, hence why we do have a two-stage interview process to ensure we only offer these places to those that we deem passionate and determined to starting a career in accounting. You will find out during your second-stage interview whether you have been successful or not, and the program will usually start within the month. If you are eligible for a sponsorship, and you do pass your second-stage interview, you will have to secure your place for the program on the day, or you may lose your sponsorship. If you do wish to speak to someone immediately about availability or anything else, please feel free to subscribe with your email below to allow you to use our 24/7 helpline on the left hand corner of this page to discuss further.

How much will the Employment Placement Programme cost?

The fee for Employment Placement Programme is £995, which includes the 3 months mentorship with a senior accountant at one of our partner accounting firms, CV analysis and enhancement, employment assistance, interview preparation and a professional letter of recommendation. The initial fee of £995 will be split into an initial £595 before you start the program, with the remaining £400 paid in 2 monthly instalments.

What if I need to ask you guys something while on the program?

So you can call to the number we have on our website, however sometimes it can be difficult to get through especially if we are conducting interviews at the time so the most efficient way to get through to us would be via email at or alternatively you can use our website chat on the right hand corner of this page.