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How does the EPP work?

Our Employment Placement Programme is a specialised 3 months mentorship programme, specifically for those trying to get into accountancy. You will be taught by an industry leading professional from one of our partner accounting firms, and this will be done remotely. This means you won't have to physically go anywhere, and can carry on with any other work you may have, whilst learning and gaining practical accounting experience on the side. All you will need is a laptop and an internet connection for this programme.





During the programme, you'll go through 3 levels of accountancy; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level will correspond with each of the 3 months during this mentorship, however there is the option to go up, or down a level if both you and your mentor decide it is suitable for yourself. This is usually the case when for example, someone has some experience as an accounts assistant and can do all the beginner level tasks with ease. Previous experience or level of skill can be discussed in your final interview to determine the right level to start you at, and the right mentor for your goals.


By the end of your 3 month mentorship, you should be adequately equipped to start your career as an accountant. You will be able to do all the necessary tasks required of an accountant such as purchase ledger, VAT returns, tax returns, etc. Our team of CV analysts will then update your CV professionally, with your new title 'Account Assistant' at the firm you worked with. The firm you worked with will also provide you with a professional letter of recommendation and your mentor will be your referee and provide you with professional referencing. 

We will also help you arrange interviews with accountancy firms in your area, as well as with some of our partners if they are suitable for you. Once interviews have been arranged, we will also put you through our Interview Preparation Programme to make sure you are fully ready and prepared for your interviews. This will include some pre-screening tests as well as industry specific questions geared to help you plan what you will say.

Due to our thorough mentoring and preparation, 95% of our candidates have been successful in starting their careers in accounting through us. As a result, we only have a limited amount of spaces for this mentorship and we can only afford to give these places to those we deem passionate and enthusiastic about having a career in accounting. This will be determined from the initial 2 stage phone-call interview after your application. You will find out during your 2nd interview whether you have been successful or not, and the programme will start within the next couple of days.

What happens when my mentorship is over?

How will the tasks be set?

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How much will the Employment Placement Programme cost?

The usual fee for Employment Placement Programme is £995, which includes the 3 months mentorship with a senior accountant at one of our partner accounting firms, CV analysis and enhancement, employment assistance, interview preparation and a professional letter of recommendation. The fee of £995 is split into an initial £595 before you start the program, with the remaining £400 paid in 2 monthly instalments. There is a 1 week refund period, with a non-refundable fee of £200 for your Sage 50 Levels 1, 2 and 3 program and certifications which you will get to keep.

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