What is an Employment Placement Programme (EPP)?

Sage 50 Level 1, 2 and 3 Certifications

NEW: Xero Accounting Certification

Sage 50 Level 1, 2 and 3 Certifications

With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, it has never been more important to gain certifications and skills that will help you expand and increase your marketability. Sage 50 certification is a staple in the accounting industry and one of the most desirable accounting certifications. Sage 50 has earned their reputation in the accounting field with superior inventory management features and a robust software program to manage almost any companies accounting infrastructure. These certifications will be delivered by the specialists, and is something you do completely in your own time alongside your mentorship.

CV Analysis and Enhancement 

A team of expert CV analysts will dissect and perfect your CV and will add the relevant work experience and professional competencies you've earned during our time with us, to put on your CV, it will be easier for you to stand out from a sea of other applicants. A professional reference from your host organisation will also add weight to your profile, revealing to future employers what you are capable of accomplishing.

Employment Assistance

You will be given access to our employment assistance service which includes a suite of solutions that you can use on your journey to starting your career in Accounting. We currently work with over 300 firms nationwide and boast a 95% success rate of candidates that successfully go through the program, landing their first role in accounting within 12 weeks of completing the Employment Placement Programme. Our services include job search assistance, CV analysis and updates at no extra cost to yourself.

NEW: Xero Accounting Certification

To ensure our candidates are as prepared as possible for a career in Accounting after the program, we have recently added this Xero Accounting Certification as part of the Employment Placement Program, to ensure you do have an understanding of this software before you start any role. Similarly to your Sage Certifications, this will be delivered by the course specialists and is done completely self-paced alongside your placement and Sage modules. Only applicants successful in their final interview from the 1st of November 2021 onwards will be eligible for this certification.

*All successful candidates that make it through to the shortlist for our Employment Placement Programme will be contacted within 2 weeks.

Remote Placement

We understand the difficulty of trying to start a career in accounting without any experience whilst also having financial commitments, so through our program you can gain quality work experience in a way that suits your schedule, and at a location that is convenient for you. This is because our Employment Placement Programme is carried out in a remote arrangement with no fixed deadlines or timings to allow you to still be able to have a full time job, whilst simultaneously gaining accountancy experience through the program. No need to travel to and from the office just to hone your job knowledge and skills, instead you can work in and around your daily schedule to help you become globally competitive in the field of Accounting.

Professional Development

The goal behind our program is to ensure are 100% prepared for a career in Accounting and understand everything that may be required of an accounts assistant. This is why on top of the close mentoring our placements provide, you will also be delegated a wide range of accountancy assignments and tasks that you will be required to complete to build up a wide range of accountancy experience, to ensure you have as many options as possible for after the program to start your career. Feedback will be provided by your assigned mentor for every piece of work completed to help you figure out the areas where you excel and where you may need improvement. 

Suitable for...

Graduation Ceremony
  • Ideally graduated within the last 2 years


  • The perfect way to give your career a kickstart 

  • Done on a flexible basis so you can still enjoy your time after graduation