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Mariah Blakely

Mariah was recommended to us by a friend, whom we have also helped place in an accounting role. She was working full time in Zara, but has always wanted to work in the finance sector, which was why she pursued a degree in accounting and finance. She completed our Employment Placement Program without leaving her full time work with Zara. She told us that she 'truly enjoyed the remote work experience' and she 'strongly recommends our service to everyone'. Through her efforts combined with our assistance, Mariah was able to secure an accounting assistant role in the city of London.

*Secured role 2 weeks after program, starting salary £26,000 p/a

Sasha Polsovski

Sasha contacted us after she had just moved from Poland, to chase her dreams as an accountant. Unfortunately, as soon as she got here, coronavirus had got very serious and lockdown started. She lacked work experience and there was no way for her to gain accounting experience during lockdown. She contacted us during the pandemic and we found her some work experience with one of our partner companies to build her experience.

*Secured role 6 weeks after program, starting salary £32,000 p/a

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Paolo Umcera

Paulo was recommended to us by one of his friends. He graduated from university with a first-class degree in business management. He worked in various retail stores after graduation, and had always wanted to get a role in Accounting but couldn't successfully secure one because he lacked the background. Paulo decided that he needed work experience in the sector, but could only do so in a remote arrangement because of his work. We finally found him a company that would let him gain a work experience in the accounting field. The same company decided to offer Paulo a role as an accounting assistant, with a salary of £24,000 year. Paul was very pleased with the outcome.

*Secured role straight after program, starting salary £24,000 p/a

James Colgate

James contacted us after leaving university and struggled to gain employment in the accountancy sector due to lack of work experience. We took him on board and helped him gain work experience and a sector-focused qualifications, such as his Sage 50 Levels 1, 2 and 3. That alongside his 3 months work placement opened quite a few doors for him and he managed to start his accounting career shortly after.

*Secured role 4 weeks after program, starting salary £28,000 p/a

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